Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Our Ducks

Our ducks love the winter just as much as they love the rest of the year.   They have a creek close by and although it already had a couple of quiet little enclosures in it, they've taken them and by sheer force of will, carved them out a little wider and a little deeper so they've got room enough to paddle around all the time. 

They are a mixed batch.   You can see Prince Edward with the fluffy tophat.  He's very elegant.  The ones that look like mallards are rouens.   We have a sex changing duck - or perhaps cross-dressing is a better term.   She's female, then during breeding time her feathers go male and she protects her little cohort, then in the fall she's back to female.   It's a little weird. 

1 comment:

  1. Crack me up (or is that Quack me up...LOL!)! I have such serious duck envy, it's not funny. But, until such time we can put in a little pond AND get a plucker machine, I don't know that we'll raise any. Well, if we get the plucker, we'd be willing to just use a wading pool and clean it out regularly, but nobody is willing to pluck a duck by hand. ;}


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