Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Sibley Guide to Birds

A new field guide!    I love field guides and I think it's important to have several different kinds.   Thanks so much to my MIL for passing this one along to us. 

This book is published by the National Audubon Society, and written by David Sibley. 

It is organized by bird type - waterbirds first, then shorebirds, then birds of field and forest.    Each entry has a color drawing of the bird both male and female [juvenile if necessary], as well as in flight, often with a flight silhouette.   Significant features are indicated with arrows and a short description to help you identify gender and distiguish between species. 

Even better is a description of the voice [very helpful!] and map of the distribution of the species over North America.

This is an excellent guide and one that I am very happy to add to our collection of field guides.


  1. Girl, you should publish a field guide to books. You can spot great books.

  2. You know who (my own little Voldemort) was grousing about the drawings not being as true to life as photographs are. I just rolled my eyes at him. ;)


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