Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Winter Fields

This is a field down the way from us.  It is an old farm, with a huge barn and the biggest chicken house I've ever seen on a small farm.    There's a chance it was a pig house instead of a chicken house - hard to tell, as it sits way back on the property away from the road.   Either way, I'd love to have seen it back in the day when it was full of critters and the farm was prosperous.


  1. That's beautiful. I'd love to tramp those fields.

    But . . .

    The snow is where exactly? Probably hanging out with ours, wherever that is.

  2. That photo is a painting waiting to happen. So beautifully composed. :-) Gorgeous!

  3. We were out your way today (on the way to Goose Pond) and, alas, many of the farms aren't as pretty as this one is. Hope you find some old photos of that farm to satisfy your curiosity!

  4. You are making me homesick Robin! How I miss Indiana!


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