Saturday, February 18, 2012

Painted Hive

K2 is done painting the new Langstroth hive.   This is all her design.

Here's a close up of the detail:
We used good quality exterior housepaint.  Semi-gloss so it would be a bit easier to wash off if necessary.  

It'll live in the studio for a while until we find a good spot for it outside.  


  1. K2 has a lot of talent just like her mama!!!! Nice job, K2!

  2. Love the scenery, protect your hive from the west winds of winter. Don't paint any darker, the bees try to cool off the hive in the summer. We have the west side of our hives protected by long needle white pines. Helps in the afternoons of the summer heat. Keep sending the pictures. Great paint job!

  3. THAT is adorable. Great job, K2!
    It reminds me of the artwork of a cute friend of mine named Laurie Linn-Miller. I wonder if K2 would like it? She could probably do work like it and sell it. Here's Laurie's url:

    Hope your kid keeps painting!

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