Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Rural Yard Decor

We have a little house, so while we were re-doing the bathroom, we had to put the toilet and tub somewhere, so they went outside.   


There's nothing that says redneck quite like a tub in your yard.  

Eric asked me if he should just dig a hole next to the fire pit and install it as a hot tub.    Then he suggested that we could use it as a big boiler for maple syrup.  

I think he's been living out here too long.

I was telling my sister about it and she sent me this great pic.
My favorite part is the garden gnome behind the toilet.    [If you look closely, it's a buddha, but that just hurts my brain, so I'm pretending it's a garden gnome.]  

It's the next big thing in rural yard decor.   

And you saw it here first.


  1. Putting Buddha behind a toilet is just...criminal! LOL! I love garden gnomes...well, not really, but I love the way Nick Parks uses them all the time in his animations. :)

    Hey, maybe you can write a book on white-trash yard decorating! ;D

  2. I have a garden gnome who is wearing Birkenstocks and smoking a pipe. He needs repainted this year and I should find a way for him to hold a bag of Doritos while I a at it...

  3. WOOHAH for decorative toilets! Ah, I miss the midwest.
    *on the lookout for a garden-buddha to send to Robin*

  4. Just stick a pointy hat on pudgy Buddha, no one will be able to tell.

    I was examining this picture (the toilet one) and there's other more interesting statuary. Look around the corner. Sitting a table is another Buddha, in lotus position, apparently staring down on what I can only guess is a (nude) woman perched on the edge of the table. If anyone recognizes this as something OTHER than a somewhat unclothed female, please chime in. The house appears to be empty, like the occupants moved. Wonder why they didn't take all that loveliness with them! Thanks for posting...LOVE stuff like this!

  5. Is that a moss toilet seat cover? Ummm, I think it is . . .

  6. Perhaps we could use the tub as a dye pot.

    Looking forward to seeing the changes you have made.

    Have a great day,


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