Saturday, March 3, 2012

Carved Letters

In our iris bog, there stand two enormous beech trees.  

Enormous,  I tell you.

They are old.  The tops are starting to come down and we can tell that they are starting to hollow out.   A spring bubbles up from beneath the roots of one of them. 

And one day, on close inspection, we noticed that about seven feet up, some markings on the tree.

That's a CW on the left and a big K on the right.  It looks like K's knife was a little sharper. 

I wish they'd put the date, too. 

There were two K's who grew up on this place in the 1930's and 40's.   I wonder which one left his mark.  And who was CW?   


  1. What else do you know about your place? Do you have a brief history of it? Little things like this are always intriguing. The only history I have at my house was the time the pipes burst in the wall and we had to remove the drywall to fix it and found that the people before me had used a pair of jeans, a sheer nylon scarf and an old cotton shirt to insulate the area. Didn't work. There were no bones. I looked. Tell us some more stories about the history of your place if you have 'em!

  2. Hey, Murph! That's a good idea for future blog posts. I'll dig out the original title work to this place. Very interesting.


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