Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Organic Cotton

There's been a lot of talk lately about organic cotton. 

Here's the hard truth:

If a yarn has dye on it, it's not organic.  Period.

What about natural dyes?   Aren't they organic?   No.   Natural dyes require non-organic [and sometimes quite nasty] mineral mordants to set the dye.   Not organic.

Synthetic dyes are synthetic, not organic.  

Yet you will still see dyed yarns advertised as organic.   What's the deal?

The deal is that the cotton was grown organically.   No pesticides, no fertilizers. 

If you're serious about organic cotton, then stay away from any dyed cottons.    The dye chemicals that commercial yarn manufacturers use are just as bad as the pesticides and fertilizers that you want to avoid.   Look for natural, unbleached, undyed cotton yarns. 

Here's a peek at the beginning of the organic, naturally colored cotton project.


  1. Read that link provided above. Have you ever seen the naturally-growing colored cottons and what they look like woven into something?

    1. Yes, I have! It's beautiful - especially after a boil in alkali or after many regular washings and dryings. I've seen the natural green, tan and brown. Gorgeous!

  2. I sort of, but didn't really, know this...thanks! Informative, as always. :)

  3. Have you woven with those naturally colored cottons?


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