Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring Towels

I've been weaving.   And weaving.   And I'm having loads of fun putting colors together. 

Here are some perfectly pastel towels in time for the Spring holidays.   Calming shades of soft blue, green, yellow and tan.  

The nitty gritty details:  
These are handwoven of all cotton.  Machine hemmed.   They've been machine washed and dried.  They measure 15" x 24" [or a little wider] right out of the dryer, so they won't shrink any more.    [These are the same types of towels that I use in my own kitchen.   They last!]

$20 each.   I weave four at a time if you want a set.    Email me if you want to get some before I put them on etsy.    email:  robin  at morenna  dot com


  1. If you ever need someone to write a rave review of your towels, I'm your gal! I keep trying to immediately dry the towel I got after I wash it so that I can use it again the next day. My other towels are feeling very neglected. ;)

  2. So pretty. Love my towels. And my soap, btw. Is there any place to write reviews on Etsy?


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