Friday, March 30, 2012

We're on TV!

Remember when we went to the studios of WTIU on the campus of Indiana University to film a segment on color theory for The Friday Zone?

Today it's airing!   WTIU is in Bloomington, Indiana - channel 30 or channel 5, depending on your system.   The Friday Zone airs at 4:30pm this afternoon and again at 11:00 am tomorrow. 

Look for the YouTube clip on my sidebar in a day or so.

See you in the Zone!


  1. Nuts! I missed this...both days. Wonder if they have it archived on their website. I'll check when I have high speed internet on Wednesday.

  2. We got to watch it! So very cool!! You are such a terrific teacher. And your girls were so cute. I loved the way that d2 kept stealing little glances at the camera. :)


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