Friday, April 27, 2012

Cedar-Apple Rust Revisited

So, you remember last fall when we found those little brain-y looking things in our cedar trees?    We picked them off the cedars whenever we found them.   We missed this tree.

This is what happens in the Spring, when it's warm and rainy.   They turn into orange blobby things. 

I was walking up to the hives and saw this.   

Pretty, in a weird kinda way.  Like orange Christmas ornaments.

Here's a better look at the clusters.    There were a lot on this tree.  

Here's a good look at the 'bloom'.   These were easily as big as your fist.

We saw them on cedars down the road, too.

No apples on this place this year.

We've got three apple trees and this might be a good year to take out the two little ones and plant something else.   We'll keep the big one for shade.


  1. I have never seen this! Looks alien-like!

  2. these are cool, aren't they? We did the opposite - we cut down all the cedars on the property. lol

    1. Hi Carla - Yours is an excellent solution! We have so many cedars all around us in this area though and we never get good apples, so we figured we'd pull our little apples and plant plums or peaches or pears instead.

  3. We had the same things appear on our cedar, but you can spray the apple trees so they don't re-infect the cedars. Then you can keep both if you'd like!

    1. That's great news! What do you spray it with? [And I didn't realize that the rust came from the cedars to the apples, then back to the cedars from the apples. Interesting!]

  4. Interesting it's that specific? Cedars in proximity to apples, and they reciprocate in infecting each other? This fungus is only found on these two kinds of trees? I read on that link that delicious apples are immune. You could plant those (but if you're like me, I won't even use them in pie, hate 'em)
    Good luck with your brainy things!

  5. Hubby's been worried about cedar apple rust since we first started planting apple trees. Luckily, we only have about 3-4 cedars on our property and they don't seem to be infected yet.


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