Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Chickens on vacation

Chickens poop in the coop. 

It smells.

Sometimes we have to clean it out.

It's hard to clean it out when the chickens are in there, so we kick them out.  they get a vacation.

They loved it.


Bob is gorgeous.  

He's loving the warm weather.

Here's a pic of the coop - all clean on the inside.   The chickens were happy to be back home.  This redbud does a great job of shading the coop all summer.

Plus, chickens love redbud flowers.  Who knew?

If you look hard, you can see a branch that curls down right into the chicken yard.

While we were watching, one of the hens flapped up just enough to start picking the flowers off the branch that curls down into the chicken yard.

It was awesome.   Then she did it again.

Chicken tricks!  

The rest of the chickens were jealous, so we threw a handful of redbud flowers into the yard.   It was mayhem.

Chickens love redbuds. 


  1. Awesome! I love chickens :)

  2. Bob is gorgeous indeed! B wants to know if it's a Leghorn or Favarolle. :)

    Having a red-bud tree there is brilliant! We should plant one by our fowl-hut too because it's lacking shade. Our hut is close to the water line though so we have to be careful of that.


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