Monday, April 16, 2012

Margaritas Towel

I saw towels like these in a catalog and fell in love with them.

In love.

They were called 'One too many margaritas'.   Which made me laugh.

And made me want to make them even more.   It took a while to figure out exactly what colors to start with because I was going from a pic, but by trial and error I figured it out. 

I love them.    I like to just sit in front of them and stare.  

Here are the details: 
Handwoven by me of 100% cotton. $20 each.   I do them in sets of four if you want a set.  Machine washed and dried.   16"x24" right out of the dryer.   Email me if you want them before they go up on etsy.   robin at morenna dot com

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