Saturday, May 19, 2012


It's daisy season.    They're everywhere right now.

Fields full of daisies - I love them.  

We'll have them in smaller numbers throughout the summer, but right now they're glorious.

They volunteer all over the place.  I have two big plants that volunteered right in the middle of the veg garden, in the path, at the corner of a bed.  When they bloom, I'll post a pic. 

This field is in Hendricksville, not far from Rosie's Diner.    It slopes from the road down to the big creek that runs along Highway 43.

K2 snapped these pics on our way to town.


  1. Love the little purple . . what is that? Thistle? . . . amongst the daisies. Purty pic.

    1. Hi Janiel! The purple is sweet clover. It has ginormous pink flower heads. So pretty together in a field.


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