Thursday, May 10, 2012

Iris Bog

We have a wet mushy place on our property where the creek comes out from under two ginormous beech trees.   It's a perfect place for siberian iris and mint and a nice swamp rose

The iris are blooming now.   It's hard to get a fabulous nature mag type pic because this place has a microclimate all its own.   The iris don't bloom at the same time - even though they're all the same kind.   Weird. 

You can see the clumps of iris and imagine how pretty it would be if they all decided to bloom at one time. 

There are two types of mint growing in the bog - apple mint and peppermint.   I'm betting the bees find it this year.   Mint flowers are lovely.

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  1. Beautiful stand of iris! Iris are so lovely. But the only iris I've ever seen that continuously bloomed and all at once were my mother's bearded iris...she had clumps of them and they would burst forth at once every June. But the problem with that is, they all stop blooming at once too!


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