Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jack in the Pulpit

This is our south woods.  The big creek runs right through it.  It's quiet and peaceful and beautiful and we're always finding cool things there.

Like unusual wildflowers.

And humongous snapping turtles with their babies hanging on to their backs.

And salamanders under the rocks.

And parts of old tractors.

And not too far away from the creek, there's a sinkhole with two washing machines in it.  Weird.  One washing machine I can see, but, really.  Two??

It's our plan to figure out a way to haul out the washing machines.    Eventually.   I shudder to think of what else might be down there.


This isn't about the sinkhole or the creek or the turtles.

It's about Jack in the Pulpit.

Lily found them - just a few. 

They camouflage well, don't you think?


  1. Aren't they awesome? I really love seeing them...when I find them, which is not often! Love the south end...looks sooooo peaceful! How are the tics this year?

    1. Ticks are terrible this year. So many of them!

  2. They, and dragon plants, are some of the wildest wildflowers out there! :)

  3. That picture of your wood and the creek...so beautiful it put a lump in my throat. Can I pitch a tent there if I promise not to throw another washing machine in the sinkhole? Seriously. I need to see a picture of that sinkhole!

    And the jack in the pulpit...I haven't seen any of those for YEARS. Thanks for posting this!

  4. I have several large clusters of jack in the pulpit growing in my shade garden. I love them but was surprised at how well they are doing! Come by any time! Mine are not this colorful though. Mostly green.
    Carol Watson


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