Thursday, May 24, 2012


These birds are as much a part of our lives out here as trash collectors are in town. 

They have the same job, essentially. 

Last week we had a dead possum and a dead deer on the road.    The scavengers, mostly vultures - during the day, took care of them before they really started to stink.

Thank heaven.

Have you ever watched one of these guys fly?    They float on the air.    You can always tell where the updrafts are in the Spring and Fall - the vultures ride them, long lazy spirals in the air.

They go south when the weather gets too cold to carry the smell them.    They leave toward the end of November and come back in February.     Vultures mean Spring.


  1. Robin, have you seen this?

    Vultures are cool.

    1. Great vid. That was a lot of vultures!

  2. I saw it on Metafilter and whoever posted it thought it was creepy, but I didn't see it that way at all. To me, the birds were just beautiful and, well, efficient!

  3. Vultures are such amazing flyers! And it's even more exciting when we spot Black Vultures among the Turkey Vultures. :)


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