Thursday, June 21, 2012


We've been watching the berries ripen.   The black raspberries are on now and the brambles will be ready very soon.  The raspberries usually have a two week head start on the brambles.  Then there's an overlap of a week or so and the brambles take over. 

Our brambles are a smaller wild version of blackberries.   The blackberries in the store are huge and glossy and black.   Ours are about half that size and seedy, but they make really fabulous jelly and syrup.   It's worth the time to juice them and take the seeds out.  

We must have two different kinds because one ripens a couple of weeks before the other.  The shape of the berries is a bit different, too.   It's possible that the later one is a real blackberry.    I"ll have to look it up.


  1. We had a huge raspberry and blackberry patch in our back field when I grew up. Loved them. But I hated picking them because these jumpy little black spiders liked to live under the leaves and I'd find them every time I'd move one to get in to pick the berries. I always thought they were black widows, but probably weren't. I was paranoid. :-)

  2. We have both the (wild) black raspberries and the wild blackberries, so that's probably what you guys have too. :) Haven't seen any ripe ones yet...but they're getting there!


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