Sunday, June 17, 2012


It's hay season.    Most folks around here do round bales because they last better in our damp climate, but there are some who still do small rectangular bales.

It's a pleasure to see an old tractor pulling a wagon loaded to the sky with small bales.  We passed this place way out in Owen County, just as they were bringing the wagons in.

This place had two wagons full, hauled on a hot and dusty day.    Haying is hard work, done on the hottest and driest days of summer.
The first cut was early this year.   Hopefully we'll have enough rain to get two more big cuts this season. 

It's very likely that this tractor has been in use for decades.   Things were built to last, way back when.

The farmer has been in use for decades, too.  I especially appreciate the jeans, T-shirt and cap.   This is the official uniform of Midwestern farmers. God bless them.

[K2 got these pics as we were driving by.  I'm so glad she did.]


  1. I cannot get over how nice that hay looks. Just a few miles north (Franklin area,) the farmers got a first cutting and the rains stopped. No second cutting yet with no growth. For the first time since we have lived here, the area over our septic tank is brown from the lack of water. Ponds are drying up. What a difference a few miles brings.

    1. Hi Nan, that pic was taken a couple of weeks ago with the first cut. It's very dry here, too.

  2. Robin, if I squint my eyes, that could be my dad on that big red tractor. He always wore a white t-shirt with a pocket and a hat like that. It was actually nice to wake up to this morning. Brought back some memories. Wish Eric Happy Dad's Day for me.

  3. I like that "uniform" beats the shirtless mowers that I sometimes see. ;)

    They only hayed the fields around us last week and this week even though it's also been dry here. Strange. Our neighbor wanted to pay us to hay our field, but son1 wants to keep it unmowed for the birds.


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