Sunday, June 24, 2012

Spiky Corn

When corn gets too dry, its leaves curl in and point straight up.

Spiky corn is a bad thing.

We have way too much spiky corn around here.    Last weekend, I saw fields full of spiky corn turning gray.

Corn is not supposed to be gray.   It's supposed to be green, green, green, with leaves that droop gracefully down at the ends. 

We need rain.


  1. This makes me sad. I already washed my car and I don't know what else to do to entice rain to us. I'm thinking thoughts of raindrops.

  2. We really, really need the rain. I joked with my friend in MN and my sister in Vancouver that they should send a bit of their flood waters our way...

  3. Our version of lack-of-rain-induced-spiky-corn is mountain fires. We've got those. People have been evacuated. We need rain too.

    *Does raindrop impersonation followed by rain dance*

  4. I saw very, very spiky corn this weekend as well. (I'm also in Indiana.) It made me teary. I can water my tiny vegetable garden, but my heart breaks for the farmers.


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