Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where Does the Wax Come From?

Bees excrete wax from their abdomens.  It comes off in scales.   This is what they use to build comb with. 

New wax is white, so new comb is white.   It gets yellower and darker as the bees track pollen and propolis all over it.   

Old comb gets quite brown because they've used it again and again and have tracked stuff all over it. 


  1. Wow, that is a cool picture. Did you take it?

    1. That's one of our bees, I think Lily had the camera during that inspection.

  2. That is truly fascinating! And what Mark said too. :)

    So wax is like white carpeting...the older it is, the browner it gets? LOL!

  3. Very interesting. I feel like I've "learned my something new" today! :D

    Happy Friday - and cool pic!


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