Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I planted two types of cukes in the garden this year from seed I got from Baker Creek.

The smaller ones are De Bourbonne - they were bred for gherkin sized pickles.  They have little bristles on them that are seriously poke-y.  Weird.  But not hard to wash off.

The longer ones are Telegraph.  They are long and smooth and gorgeous.

They both make great pickles and are great for eating fresh.  I recommend them and will be using them again.

One of the questions I had about the bees this year was whether they'd live up to their reputation as curcurbit pollinators.   They totally did!    We have loads more cukes [and squash] than ever before.   I'll be making a lot of pickles.

Recipe coming soon.


  1. Please, ma'am, may I borrow a cup of bees? sez she who has no squash, and suspects that there are no cukes with which to fill her crock. :-)

    1. I have totally been there. Last year we had miles of vines and got two whole pumpkins. Small ones. The bees really made a big difference! We'll see if we get a repeat performance next year. I wish you were in range of my bees. Wanna move closer?

  2. Hubby delayed a lot of things due to knowing we'd be in VAncouver the first 2 weeks of July, so our cukes aren't ready yet. But the eggplants and zucchinis are! :)


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