Saturday, July 7, 2012

Fields of Yellow Flowers

On the way out of Worthington, Indiana on Hwy 157,  just at a turn in the road, there is a huge field of yellow flowers. 

They look like yellow coneflowers to me, with some aster and purple coneflower in the mix.    I don't know if they've sown it for pleasure or to harvest seed.

In any case, it's beautiful.   From both the front and the back.  Here's the back


  1. Gorgeous...makes me want to put on a frilly sundress and run barefoot through them, my arms open wide. Yeah, not a pretty picture, but hey. It looks like, reminds me of, big sky prairies out west. Don't get to see much of those views here at Tree Central. :-) Have a cool day!

    1. Yes, I know just what you mean! I'm hearing the theme song from Little House on the Prairie in my head...


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