Friday, July 27, 2012

Old Signs

In Worthington, Indiana you can still see some of the old signs that were painted on the sides of the brick buildings that make up the downtown.

I love old signs.

They are barely legible and the bright sun didn't help.  I need to go back on a rainy day and take some more pics to see if more words show up. 

This one says 'Meats'.  It's part of a larger sign.

Below the 'Antique Alley' sign, you can barely see another one.   'Green's Fresh Meats and Groceries'.   Meats above that door goes with that sign.

It's clear that the door was added later - it cuts off the bottom part of 'groceries'.  

And in the second window above you can see a coffin standing on end.   Creepy.    The kids check for it every time we drive by.    What will they think when it's missing one day?


  1. I adore old signs also. There used to be one that as fabulous just behind Fountain Square on what used to be a chinese was so well-preserved and not faded because it faced north. And now, that building is toast. I wish I had taken a picture... Try photoshopping the pix if you can to see if you can tease more of the wording out of it. Darken, heighten contrast? Now go clean your house and make a cake. You deserve it.

    1. I tried with Photoshop and had no luck bringing the words out. But I've seen them in the rain and I need to get over there when it's wet.

      House finished being painted! Gotta clean my own today. Then cake!

  2. I love the texture in these photos. Are you using your new-ish camera?

    1. Same old camera. It's the great subject - all those old brick buildings.


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