Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to Cut a Mango Neatly

I've cut a lot of mangoes in my time and at first it was a messy, slimy, slippery proposition.


Then my friend, Sharon, showed me how to do it neatly and prettily with minimal slime.

Thank you, Sharon!

This is what you do:

First, cut the sides off the mango.

You'll leave the center section with the seed in it.

Now you have three parts.

Hold the mango in your hand and cut down through the flesh to the skin.   Make your cuts 1/2 inch apart.

Now, turn the mango 90 degrees and cut it again.  

Now, turn the skin inside out.   The mango sections will look sort of porcupine-y.

Put your thumb at the base of a section and push it off the skin into a bowl. 


Push the sections all off the skin.  You might have to work a bit to get the tiny ones off the edges.   It's worth the extra effort.

Now all you have left is the center.   Set it on an end and cut the skin off with a knife.

This is the messiest part - but it's fast!  Once the skin is off, you can score the edges and then cut them off near the seed.  

You'll end up with two empty skins, a small section of peel, a large seed and a beautiful bowl full of bite sized mango pieces - perfect for salads or jams.


  1. I remember watching the Martha Stewart Show a number of years back and learning this technique! Love your photo tutorial though.

  2. Cutting fruit is always a tricky and MESSY endeavor. I can't even remember where I learned the dice and flip method, but I too like the tutorial. Did you try it with stone fruit like peaches or is the skin too thin?

  3. Hi Murph! I have tried it with stone fruit and it works great but you have to watch that you don't cut too hard through the skin. Be really careful not to cut down through its skin into Your skin. If you can cut to just before the skin, then it flips like a dream and pushes off just the same.

  4. Ah! I've been doing it wrong. Totally had the porcupine thingie; but I was cutting off the squares instead of pushing them off. I had no idea they were push-able! Cool. Thanks!


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