Saturday, August 25, 2012

Layered Jam

So yesterday i SHOWED YOU....WAIT A SECOND.....there....the caps lock got hit...

I hate caps.   For years I didn't use them at all.   I didn't miss them.   I use them now because it's more normal.    And easier for a lot of people to read.   And less distracting for those of you out there who get upset at missing caps and grammar errors and typos.    I'm not big on typos, either.   So I understnad.   Understand.  

Damn typos. 


I'm here to talk about jam.  Focus, Robin.


Lovely layered jams.    Interesting idea, isn't it!   I thought they'd be so pretty as gifts.   So I made a red and white layered jam to celebrate both of my alma maters.  Almae materae?  But I only have one alma, so .... hmmm. I can't remember the Latin plural right now, alma something, so if you know, help me out in the comments.

At any rate, I graduated from the University of Utah and then went to grad school at Indiana University. [Latin was not my major.]  The colors at both schools are red and white.  

Red and white layered jams!


For homecoming weekend.   

Or the superbowl.  Not that college teams play in the superbowl, but it's the whole team color thing expanded. 

Or wedding showers, in the wedding colors.  Because weddings need team colors, too.

Or Harry Potter parties.   It's Gryffindor jam!  Quidditch team colors!  The mind reels at the possibilities. 

I layered red raspberry jam with white nectarine jam in these jars.   It's easy.  Make your jams separately and let them cool for an hour and a half or so.   Then  alternate 1/4 - 1/3 of a cup of each jam in an 8oz jelly jar.  

Nota Bene [This is Latin for PAY ATTENTION!]:   You won't be able to process these for canning without messing up the layers.  I tried.  These jams will have to be refrigerated.   


  1. LOL!!! And what a concept! Sounds like a party in your mouth!!! :-)

  2. Wow, just when I didn't think your jams could get any prettier, you surprise me!

    And you are too funny!

  3. OMIGOSH! THAT IS THE COOLEST IDEA EVER! I LOVE CAPS LOCK! I have truly never seen layered jam before. How brilliant! Did you make it up? You did, didn't you. Clever woman.

    1. It was totally my own idea. [Not that someone else hasn't done it, but I hadn't seen it before.] Great ideas tend to spontaneously occur in multiple places at once.


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