Thursday, August 2, 2012


Just off Highway 43 south on the way into Solsberry,  just past the Solsberry Cemetery, where old Sol who owned the berry patch that Solsberry is named after is buried, there is long row of sunflowers. 

Last year there were just two rows.   This year there are 4 rows of different kinds. Not as tall as last year, but so beautiful in that long long line along the road. 

They weathered the heat and drought and bloomed briefly and I got a pic at their brightest. 


  1. Cheeriest flowers ever...thanks for the pic. The little tidbit about Sol and berry patch made me...curious. Is there a story here I missed historically about Solsberry? Love it hear it if you haven't written about it already! I love local lore!

  2. We've been meaning to grow a large patch of sunflowers for the birds but never did. We had a giant volunteer sunflower right next to our chicken hut door, but that bad storm we had on Friday blew the 2x4 (that we use to bar the door after the gruesome raccoon incident while we were on vacation) right on the plant, sheering it off. D'oh.

  3. True story? About Mr. Sol and his berry patch? How cool! I'm with Murph. I'd love to hear the whole story. Thanks for the pic. Sunflowers are the cheeriest sign of summer ever.

  4. Solomon Wilkerson had a berry patch in this area. I can't remember the details right now - I'll post them when I find them again. He's buried in the Solsberry cemetery just off Highway 43 going south into Solsberry.


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