Monday, September 3, 2012


First of all, I apologize for the crappy photos.   I was on my porch and the deer was in the pasture across the way.   Fuzzy. 

Anyway, there are so many deer around these days that they are very bold.   

This one showed up within sight of our dog and she continued to graze even with me hollering at her.  She left pretty quick when the dog came after her.

It's not unusual to see groups of females and young, but this year we're even seeing groups of bucks.   On one day we saw a group of four bucks  [at least 4 points on each antler on the smallest one] grazing together a mile down the way, and then when we turned the corner, there was another big buck right next to the road.

It was spectacular.   For years, we didn't see bucks.  Now five in a day?

Also, there's a deer close by that is part grey.   We wondered if she were mange-y, but when I saw her again, she looked more like she'd been dipped in an indigo vat than she looked hairless.   Who knows.   Have you ever heard of anything like that?   Let us know in the comments.

Take a closer look at this one's hindquarters.   Does she look really skinny or is it just me?    It's possible she just fawned.   We've seen several new spotty fawns lately.  

Or maybe the drought was hard on the deer.  Though you wouldn't know it from the population.

Hunters will have a good year this year. 


  1. Hey chickita! Looks like blogger ate some of your post. I'm dying to know what looked dipped in a vat of indigo. I've noticed that wildlife seems a lot less fearful of humanity out here too lately. I've seen boatloads of deer, a baby moose, and even scary cougar tracks in my neighbor's garden. And we don't live up on the mountain. Interesting.

  2. Unfortunately there will be no hunting in my 'hood. I live just off of Atwater, blocks from downtown Bloomington, and we have a herds roaming daily and nightly.

  3. I miss our dog; she used to chase away deer too. The *&^% deer ate our nicotiana plants (who knew they'd even like them??) that we just bought this year. Just this morning, two fawns with nearly-faded spots on their backs were grazing in front of our house like they owned the place.

    I think hubby needs to bag us some venison this year.

    And yeah, that one deer sure does look skinny.


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