Friday, September 28, 2012

High Altitude Jam

I live in southern Indiana - the highest part of the state - topping out at a lofty 800 ft above sea level!

Stop rolling your eyes.

For those of you who live in actual mountains, here's a little guide for the temperature you need to achieve jell in your jelly.

Jelling temps at different altitudes
  • Sea level: 220 degrees
  • 1000 ft above: 218 degrees
  • 2000 ft above: 216
  • 3000 ft above: 214
  • 4000 ft above: 212

For more general info on High Altitude canning, here are two good sites.

Also, if you haven't checked out my new Jam page, then take a sec to check out the tab at the top of the blog.  The Jam page has a bunch of basic information about making jam and includes all of the info I've posted lately to help get you going on making great jam!

Happy Preserving!

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