Saturday, October 20, 2012

Color Inspiration - Fall Flowers

Sometimes people ask me where I get my color inspiration from.   I get it from all over.   Sometimes, I'll see a few yarns together and think 'Yes!'  and sometimes I see things in the real world that make me want to drop everything and go wind a warp.

Things like these late summer flowers.  I love to weave towels in these bright colors.

Here are some of the towels inspired by these flowers in my garden.  They make my heart go pitter pat.   I love these towels.

From left to right:  zinnia plaid, party red plaid, party gold plaid, leaf plaid.

Want to see more of my towels?   Check out the towels in my etsy store! 


  1. Love all of your color combinations. Also thanks for the color theory discussion at the last guild meeting. I learn lots.

  2. Your towels will be like a breath of spring and summer in my kitchen come this winter. :)


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