Tuesday, October 23, 2012


We have a lot of snakes around here.   Most of the time we don't see them, but sometimes we do.   I see racers, rough green snakes, ring necked snakes, garter snakes, brown snakes, prairie king snakes, black snakes and water snakes each maybe a couple of times during the season.    I like snakes and I don't mind that they're around.    We see them in the water and on the road and paths and once or twice a summer, the cats will bring one around.

What's really fun, though is finding a snakeskin.     I found this one, whole!, on the path when I was mowing in September.

It's large - 56 inches long and still a little crinkly, so the snake it came off of was likely bigger.    I'm guessing a prairie king snake or a racer.

That's the head on the right.

Fact:  Great Crested Flycatchers and Tufted Titmice regularly use snakeskin in their nests.   Cool!


  1. I looove snakes and finding snake skins! Most of the time, we find bits and pieces of skin, but this summer, we found a huge one like the one in your picture this year and put it on our platform feeder hoping that some birds will use it. Oddly enough, nothing touched it...and we get a ton of Tufted Titmice (and a couple of different Flycatchers too...don't remember which ones; I have to ask Son1).

  2. When we first moved into this house (in the city) we had a LOT of blue racers we'd see in the yard and sometimes in the basement. Now they've built more houses and they are a thing of the past. I miss them, tho, they are so beautiful when the sun shines on them!


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