Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November Bees

November bees are quiet.

Too quiet.

Which is really weird, because normally, bees are pretty darn noisy.    Most of the time, when they are 'quiet', they sound like a fan.   This time of year they are quiet as in 'silent'. 

I went up to look at the hives the other day and not a creature was stirring.  It's been in the 40s during the day lately, and below freezing every night.  

No bees in the Tardis window at all.  They've clustered where I can't see them at all. 

Part of me wanted to open things up to make sure they're all right, but disturbing them would mean they'd use up more energy and need more stores.    I want them to get through the winter without a candy board if they can, so I left them alone. 



Notice the yellowish brown streaks on the front of the Tardis on the top left side under the lid?    It's bee poo - from cleansing flights.  They won't poo in the hive, but it's cold outside, so they leaned over the edge of the entrance.   There have only been one or two of these new ones when I go up there, and the last few appeared after a couple of surprise days in the low 70's so I don't think it's Nosema
Nosema is a fungal infection of the bee gut.  It causes bee dysentery, which is dark brown.   If the colony were infected, there would probably be a lot more of it - all over the hive.  As it is, these few streaks are located just under the openings in the inner covers, under the top cover.  

I wish they'd use toilet paper. 

And dispose of it neatly. 

Really.   Were they raised in a barn?


  1. LOL!

    As you know all too well, chickens are even messier with their poop. :P

    I hope everyone is okay in there!

  2. Interesting to know that even bees get the trots... ugh!


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