Thursday, December 27, 2012

Round Bales

This is what happens to our round bales after they're left for a year or so, or if it's been really, really wet.    These are this year's bales that got really, really wet when hurricane Isaac blew through in September.   Now they've sprouted.     Rural chia pet.

They make me smile.


  1. :-) Vast improvement over a Chia Obama, with the green flowing 'fro. Who thought *that* was a good idea? Anyway, cool shot. I bet you could burn it with your lawn mower if you tried really hard. ;-)

  2. Ha! You made me laugh out loud, Murphala! Burn it with your lawn mower. Funny. I'm not sure Robin could get the lawnmower up onto the bales though... I do love the picture Robin - love round bales of hay sitting in a field. I've never seen them sprout! I'll have to look closer while driving by those fields. Maybe stop and take a picture!


  3. "Rural Chia pet"...*that* is freakin' hilarious!!!


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