Friday, December 21, 2012

Seeds for next year's garden!

I kind of jumped the gun this year.    I already bought the veg seeds for next year - even before I got the catalog in the mail.

Ridiculous, I know.    I couldn't help myself.  

Then the catalog came!   This is the new Baker Creek catalog.  It's beautiful - and everything in it looks delicious.  

It's hard to decide what to get - Hard!, I tell you.   And truthfully, for me it's really a matter of deciding what not to get.


Here's a pic of a few of the things I got for the veg garden next year.  

Because I needed four different kinds of peppers.  And eight different kinds of winter squash.  And five different kinds of tomatoes.

What's on your garden wish list? 


  1. More kohlrabi!! ;D Really, I don't know what's on my garden wish list. I've been wanting a good rose bush for a few years now but thinking about fighting the deer is already making me mad.

    I love the colorful packaging of Baker Creek!

  2. I haven't tried Baker Creek seeds - yet! Just ordered the catalog to dream about during the months to come. Would love to try different winter squashes this year and more flowers. My husband loves zinnias. More herbs. Less tomatoes - last year he planted around sixty tomato plants but none were the roma type so those are on our list for this coming summer. And more hot peppers - they were fun! Looking forward to Spring!


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