Thursday, December 6, 2012

Winter Slugs

So it got cold and frosty at night and all the sudden we started seeing these little black slugs on the road - both the gravel and the asphalt. 

They were black and I had to wonder if the dumb things came out during the day and then froze to death at night, but no, they were still alive.  And slimy.   

You can see this one's slime trail.   The slugs were only just over an inch long - not very big at all.   Click the pic to see the skin texture - they're kind of pretty.

It looks like they might be black field slugs.  I have no idea why they might be coming out now, except that it was so hot and dry this summer that perhaps they all hibernated and didn't come out until it got cool and damp again.    They must love this weather.  

1 comment:

  1. I'm grateful that we have fewer and smaller slugs in IN than they do in the Pac NW where the moist, cool conditions are perfect for them. We just saw one of these in town the other day too.


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