Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Winter Towels

I wanted to weave some winter towels - something not too Christmasy, but with some winter red and green in it.   I used two greens, two reds, a lot of winter white, plus some tan and wound a long warp.   

And then I wove these.

I love them!

8/2 cotton
15 epi as wide as you want.

An 8 yd warp makes 9 towels - enough to give some as gifts and keep a few.  


  1. Beeeyoootiful, as always! What a great idea with the red and green but not too heavily Christmassy so that it's good for the rest of the year too.

    I really gotta go work on the weaving. It's been such a crazy fall I've not had the time to do anything about it. :}

  2. they are beautiful! I have some towels on the loom I need to get woven off-love your colors

  3. I love the shot of the towel on the loom. These are lovely, Rob!

  4. Beautiful! I used to live in Indiana and love reading about life there through your blog. By the way, would you have any loom recommendations for an absolute beginning who's mainly interested in scarves, towels, and table runners? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jaime! My favorite looms are by Schacht. I have both an 8 harness Baby Wolf and a Wolf Pup. The Baby Wolf is 24" weaving width. If you want a wider loom, then the Mighty Wolf is good. For what you want to weave, I'm thinking the Baby Wolf will give you the most flexibility. You can get it with 4 or 8 harnesses.


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