Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yoho General Store, Solsberry, Indiana

Our local general store is open again!

Yoho's got a makeover this year.  She's beautiful!  

I was only ever in the store twice in my life before the big makeover.  Once in 1994 when we moved out here and needed to grab a bite to eat and once a few years later one icy winter day after I put my car in a ditch just down the hill - before the advent of cell phones - and I needed to use their phone.

Let's just say that the visits were a cultural experience.   It was like stepping back into the 1940s.  It doesn't look like that anymore and I'm a bit sad about it, but it's nice and clean inside, up to code with no holes in the floor.    The staff is friendly and the ice cream is great!

Because the place was so old, a lot of it just had to be removed and replaced from the ground up.   I learned a lot about foundations watching them lift the remaining structure and put in a good foundation.

There was a lot of effort that went into making new doors that looked just like the old ones.  

And there's a new sign. 

And wheelchair ramps.

And a window that opens so you can be outside and order your treats.

And a gas pump!    This is very exciting for those of us who have late night gas or diesel needs but who don't want to drive 20 miles into town to get it.   Rumor has it that you can pump gas 24/7!  

Plus, plus!, we could actually walk the 4 miles to the store in a big emergency and get gas to power our generator if we had to.  

Rural awesomeness!

During the grand opening weekend, they had a display of old yearbooks from the high school that used to be close by. 

This one's from 1946.  

And this one's from 1957.  Love that Jetsons-esque graphic.

They have a bunch of old photos of 'downtown' Solsberry around the store.   I loved them.

Across the street from Yoho used to be a place called Dutch's Cafe.    At the back of this store, there is a wall menu from that cafe.   I don't know if it's original, but it's way cool!

They kept the old potbelly stove that has been in the store forever.   It's no longer in use as a coal stove, but it's got a light in it so it looks like it is.  There are a few little tables and chairs nearby so you can sit and visit and eat a snack. 

They carry plenty of bread/milk/eggs for quick grocery needs, plus snacks and sundries.   Including motor oil if you need some.

There's a deli that serves breakfast and sandwich items and they have great ice cream.

Stop in and say hello!   Pick up one of these Yoho General Store shirts or hats and have your picture taken next to the stove.

It's a fun place to be and a great way to celebrate a local rural treasure.

While you're there, notice the Post Office a couple of doors down.   It's been there forever and delivers to a 70 mile area, to customers in three counties!   Our postmaster and carriers work hard for us.

Yoho General Store
Address:  Highway 43,  downtown, Solsberry, Indiana.
Phone:  (812)  825-7834

Business hours:
Monday - Saturday:  7am -8pm
Sunday:  noon - 6pm


  1. Is it easier to find than your house? We'll have to meet there for a snack the next time we go get milk! (Are we ever gonna do that again?)

  2. Sigh. What a perfect little place. Hope to go there someday. While visiting you.

  3. The first time I came to your studio for a color theory class, I stopped in at that store! The old "fellers" were sitting around the pot bellied stove and chawin the breeze. What a memory.

  4. That pot-bellied stove is PERFECT! I love it. And old timey stores are too cute for words.


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