Friday, January 11, 2013

Stump the Readers

I know you're all fans of my quizzes - especially the poop quizzes.   It's been a while since I've done one and quite honestly I haven't seen any good poop lately, so I've been looking for other fun rural games to play.     It finally dawned on me that there were awesome natural puzzles everywhere around here.

So here's the new game:   Stump the Readers!    Look at the stump and see what you can tell me about the tree.   Feel free to ask questions, too, if you like.

Click the pic to biggify.


  1. Hmmm, I thought it was a pine tree, my husband thinks it's a white cedar. I'd say it had some trauma on the bottom there years ago. The spots are curious - insect damage? Not sure. Could it be around 35 years old? This is fun!

  2. Ok, I'll go out on a limb here and say that it went through some rapid growth in its first 15-20 years and then slowed waaaaay down before dropping dead and being cut down. I think it died before it was leveled. And to me, the bark on the lower right side looks a bit like a maple variety...kind of shaggy. I'm going to guess, based on how many there are, those dark spots are healed-over woodpecker holes. OK, I'm done. :-)

  3. Oh, and I was also looking at the composting flora around it and noticed bark, twigs, but no evidence of needles...and needles take awhile to break down. Unless the tree has been gone for awhile. BUT there is a little hull or nut of some kind sitting there. Could this maybe be a black walnut? Can you tell it's another exciting Friday night at April's house?

  4. I am in awe that y'all could come up with something to say. Truly. All I could say was it was a tree at some point. And had rings. Which meant it also had years. And oh yeah, bark.

  5. Woof. OH you meant on the tree.

    *tap tap tap tap tap* go my fingers on the table, waiting for more details on this damn tree. Did I miss the big reveal!?

  6. My vote is for a tree within the pine family based on the brown-ness of the bark and the way some of the bark appears to be flaky in nature. Hard to tell from this angle through. I do see lots of pine needles on the ground around the stump. Although, that does appear to be a Hickory nut on the upper-left corner of the photo!

    I've ready somewhere before the dark spots in the rings are from where branches were established when the tree was young, but I don't know about the credibility of that statment. haha.

    1. So I just noted you posted the answer...can I change my answer?! haha :)


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