Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Winter Shed

Many of the old barns and sheds in this area are left unpainted.   They weather a deep brooding grey.   It's gorgeous this time of year when the grey goes blue-ish and contrasts with the coppery fallen leaves.   Click to biggify.  It's prettier big.

Here's the same barn a couple of days later, under the snow. 

What a difference a little snow makes.


  1. Well, there goes the need to mow the round bales. :-) The snowy one looks so cold and lonely... but still gorgeous. Happy New Year! Oh, and question about commenting: what happened to the option of entering your own ID and web address as opposed to a profile account?

    1. Huh. Good question. I hadn't changed the settings, so I don't what the deal is. I checked and it's set on Registered User, like it should be, just a step down from Anyone. Sounds like a Google change?

    2. Looks that way! Hm. More dictatorial moves by cyber conglomerates... :-)


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