Sunday, February 17, 2013

Mystery Cast Iron

The kids pulled this out of the creek.  

It's cast iron, not as rusty as I'd expect for being in the creek for very long.  

It's kind of pretty.   I wonder what on earth could have broken something that big.  

We have no idea what it is.    Feel free to guess in the comments.  


  1. I try to only engage in uninformed speculation only if I'm writing fiction. LOL!

  2. Could it be a piece of a stove that burns wood? I have been reading about Wagner cast iron . I am trying to date a skillet.

    . I

  3. Let's see. It is a portion of an architectural gingerbread on a building in a ghost town located in Green County, IN.

  4. I like John and Nan's guess. I'm going to say part of a Japanese lantern. Yard decor. Had neighbors who had giant ones in their yard in Maryland.


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