Monday, February 25, 2013

Window Hyacinths

Most years we force hyacinth bulbs in the windows because they're so pretty.   [Read:  I get crazy around the second week of January and this keeps me from going completely bonkers before things get warm again and I can spend a few hours outside every day.]

These particular vases were designed for just this purpose.  The bulb sits in the top and you keep the bottom full of water.   It only takes a day or so for the roots to really get going.  

Here's the thing though - you don't need a fancy vase to do this.  A couple of inches of pebbles in a canning jar will do the same thing.  

We generally get the bulbs in the fall and then put them in the fridge until after the holidays.   

Then all you do is pull them out and set them in the jar and water them.   Make sure the water level stays up pretty near the base of the bulb.

After a few weeks, the buds start showing.    This one is just starting to show blue.   

I think I may survive the winter.


  1. We've only forced bulbs twice before...and I think both were amaryllis. One was a gift. I don't know why we don't force bulbs more because they add some color in the time of year when it's nice to have color.

    Love your jars! I love blue glass.

  2. My friend recently gave me two forcing vases - I can't wait to try this! Your vases are just so pretty... can't wait for spring!


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