Friday, February 1, 2013

Winter Creek

After the Big Snow, we had a Big Warm, which melted the snow really fast, and then we had a Big Rain.    It was a lot of water all at once and sure enough, we flooded.

When all that water hits the creek, it moves fast and carries a lot of debris with it.    I'm talking trees,  and rocks the size of your head. 

It's loud.    Really loud.

When it's all done, the creek is scrubbed clean and the bottom shines in layers of oil shale and iron rich limestone.    Blue and orange. 

This is  looking straight down into the bottom of the creek. 


Lily took these pics the day after the flood. 


  1. It makes you realize the awesome power of water! Great pictures Lily. Love looking down into the creek, how deep is that? It's so clear it looks like it's only a couple of inches but sounds like it might be a lot deeper than that!

    1. No kidding about the power of water. It's amazing. In this area the creek goes pretty wide and not super deep. Probably a few inches. The blue and gold alternate wildly all over this area. It's a lot prettier in person.


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