Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cherry and Maple Drop Spindles

Eric has been busy in the woodshop lately and has just finished two new batches of our octagonal drop spindles.  

They're gorgeous. 

Gor. Geous.  

I put ribbon leaders on them because everything looks better with ribbon. 

The first batch of spindles is cherry.     2.6 oz.  9 inches tall.    The hook can go on the top or bottom for top-whorl or bottom-whorl spinning.

These are good for beginners - not too heavy, but heavy enough to spin for a while as you learn to draft.

The second batch is in spalted maple.    Spalting is what makes those cool dark lines in wood.   I love spalted wood.

These spindles are 2.3 oz.   9 inches tall.    Good for experienced spinners who want a good spindle for wool.  Not too heavy, not too light.

These are also made so you can put the hook on the top or bottom for spinning.    

Spindles are $20 and listed on Etsy now.   These tend to go pretty quickly, so don't delay if you want one. 

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