Sunday, April 14, 2013

Swarm Trap

I had a lot of frames with a bit of honey from the hive that died, so I saved three of them to put in a swarm trap.    I'm using a nuc from Kelly as a trap.   Three frames with a bit of honey, two empties and some lemon grass oil on a piece of paper in the bottom.

It's a luxury condo for bees.   They'd be crazy not to move in.  The first warm days we had and my bees were all over this thing robbing it out.   I hope a swarm finds it.

The truth is, swarm traps are kind of a crap shoot.    I have the nuc, I have the lure, I have the extra frames.   So we figured we'd try it.   We're not holding our breath that we'll get a swarm this year.

That said, our chances of getting a swarm are much greater if we actually set out a trap, so we're better off with this than nothing at all.

Eric put the trap about 8 feet up in a honey locust near the house, on an old deer stand.   We'll be able to see it easily from the house.   The warm days that we've had have seen bees all over it.  It must smell really good.

Fingers crossed we get some good feral bees in there. 

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  1. My dad and I are building some swarm traps up here in Michigan. It's been SO cold here, and rainy and windy. We have a hollow cherry tree in our yard that has a colony living in it, and they were going nuts today, in and out of the tree...but my hive is not doing well ( I packaged them on Wednesday) so I brought the hive in the house. Hopefully that's okay! Good luck with your swarm traps...I'm hoping to get lucky with mine. =)


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