Sunday, June 2, 2013


Ducklings are just plain cute.   We adore them.  

K2 lives for her ducklings.  They are her babies and she is completely in charge of them. This year she is raising Saxonies.  They are a rare breed, large, buff, gray and white markings.    The ducklings are pricey and we need every one to thrive.

This is their outdoor enclosure.   We let them play outside on hot days.  They love it.

Ducks put meat on fast - much faster than chicks do.  Chicks put all their energy into feathers, while ducklings put all their energy into size.  

This was their first day of being allowed to play/swim in the water.   Most of them weren't interested. 

This one loved the water and once s/he discovered it, s/he didn't want to get out.

Kind of like K2, who feels the same way about water.  

It might be another week or so before the babies really learn to swim.


  1. I've thought about adding ducklings to our brood. How do they over winter?

    1. We have no problems with the ducks overwintering. They've done just fine in our variable winters.


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