Sunday, July 7, 2013

Alpine Strawberries

A few years ago I planted a little edging of  these alpine strawberries, Fragaria vesca.   They're dainty - less juicy and about half the size of regular strawberries. 

They have a terrific flavor and will produce early and all summer long.  

They don't send out runners, so these are a great way to grow produce in neighborhoods with restrictive homeowners association rules.   Just plant a row of these along a walk and they'll do double duty as a very attractive and edible edging.  

Plus, you can use these the same way you use regular strawberries, though it might take a while longer to get enough for a batch of jam.

If you can only get a cup of berries, use them for this Strawberry Mango Mint Freezer Jam.   It's our favorite freezer jam and takes only 1 cup of strawberries to 3 cups of chopped mango.   Perfect for these little alpine beauties.

You can find the berries at many garden centers and online.   Get a bunch and enjoy!

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