Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Jam Book Launch Party!

As part of my Big Birthday Month Celebration, I'm celebrating the launch of my new ebook - A Simple Jar of Jam: 180+ recipes & variations for jam using low sugar pectin.  It's all about making jam with low-sugar pectin.  Simple jam!  Plus lots and lots of recipes and variations. [More than 180 - that's a lot of jam!]

Feedback on the book so far has been fantastic.  Here's a review from Growing, Writing, Creating:
"...gorgeous new jam e-book ... called "A Simple Jar of Jam" and it's as much a work of art as it is a how-to-make-jam book. ... If you like to make jam, you should add "A Simple Jar of Jam" to your library (or e-library). "

Most of the recipes call for low sugar pectin, but there are a few in there that don't require any pectin at all.  Plus, there are plenty of Jam 101 basics for those of you just getting started on your jam-making adventures.   I've simplified things and collected all the great information from this blog into one handy ebook full of tips and tricks and troubleshooting ideas and wonderful recipes.

There's a link on my sidebar that will take you to a preview of the book so you can see the Table of Contents, a few recipes and the index.   When you're ready to buy, just hop on over to Etsy** and in a few clicks, it's yours!

To celebrate the launch of the book and because I love you all, I'm giving my blog readers a Jam Book Launch discount code to use in the Rurification Etsy Shop  on Friday, July 5, 2013.   It will let you buy A Simple Jar of Jam for only $1.99.  Just enter this coupon code [below] when you check out:

Also,  I'm on Goodreads now!  [Can't believe it took me so long....]  Look me up and friend me [Robin Edmundson].   And if any of you are Goodreads librarians, would you be willing to add my book to the database?  It's been weeks now but it won't recognize the isbn [978-0-9895089-0-2], so it'll have to be added manually.  

Thanks so much!  I hope your summer is lovely and full of delicious jam!

**Why Etsy?   Etsy allows authors to sell ebooks as beautiful interactive PDF docs.   Amazon doesn't.  Amazon's self publishing company is all about publishing ebooks for the Kindle.   Kindles are great, but they don't support interactive PDF docs.  You can access and read them on a Kindle, but they aren't interactive. Since Amazon is heavily invested in that device, they only allow Kindle files.   Kindle files aren't interactive, and they make for unattractive books - they were designed for text only books, not cookbooks and picture books.  So... until Amazon feels the pressure to allow PDF publishing for things like cookbooks, I'll be selling my books on Etsy.  Spread the word.

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