Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Plum Bounty

Our lovely neighbors' plum tree was plum full of plums this year and they shared the bounty with us.   He estimated that the tree had about 150 lbs of fruit on it total - the limbs were bent to the ground - loaded with fruit.

They are small, red plums - sweet flesh and tart skins.   Delicious!!

We did what our neighbors did - washed and cut them in half, removed the seed and then packed them in ziplock bags to freeze.   We did 2 cup quantities so they'd be easy to use for smoothies, pies, crisps and jam later.

Here's a tip for quick processing.   Use a grapefruit spoon to quickly get the seed out of the fruit.   We set up a short assembly line with one person cutting the plums in half and putting the half with the seed in another bowl.   The second [and third] person took the seeds out with a grapefruit spoon.   The work moves fast and we did two or three gallons at a time in short order. 

Here's a good recipe for Plum Jam.  Oh, and then there's plum sauce.    I also love plums mixed with pears in jam.   And crisps.


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  1. Now I crave plum crisp. Or apple crisp. Or any crisp.


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