Friday, July 26, 2013

Squash Bugs

These are squash bug eggs.  Here is a pic of the hatched out adult buggers.   You don't want them to hatch out though.

We are very vigilant about checking the backs [and sometimes tops....and on occasion stems] of each squash leaf for these eggs.  When we find them, we pinch them off and squash them, put them in water and feed them to the chickens.  

The lighter golden they are, the fresher they are.   The darker they are, the closer to hatching they are.  

Check your plants every few [FEW!] days and you'll be able to control them.


  1. I have used tape wrapped around my hand with the sticky side out and pressed it against the egg clusters to pull them right off. When we had more sqaush plants than was good for us, this was a very efficient method of removal. It's satisfying to remove so many pre-emergents isn't it? Even better is when you catch the nymphs just after they've emerged; when you press the tape on them and get 10-11 nymphs at one time with their legs waving in the air, it makes me smile.
    You can do the same with mexican bean beetle eggs.

    1. A person after my own heart! I am ruthless, RUTHLESS, when it comes to getting rid of these things. I do a lot of pinch and squish, too.

  2. I had been wondering what that was. I have been picking them off just because it seemed the right thing to do. Now I will start hunting for them. We found horn-worms accidentally (they are amazing!) and got them before too much damage. Wonder what I need to watch for on cucumbers and green beans!!


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