Monday, July 22, 2013

Wonky Comb

Bees will  do what bees will do.    They're 'supposed' to be building straight comb along the frame.


These guys built crooked and started 4 combs on this one frame.

This is a comb from another hive.   It's straight, but upside down. 

Crazy bees.

I cut out the wonky comb in the first hive to get them going straight.  Next time I checked, they had built crooked again - only three combs instead of four.  That's progress, but still..... This time I left it.   It's in a super that'll be harvested and crushed, so who cares.   It's not worth the aggravation to me or the bees now. 

The upside down comb I left.   It's an inefficient way to construct comb and the bees know it.  Last time I peeked, they had corrected and were happily building the right way. 

1 comment:

  1. This year I too had a colony who build strange vertical wonky comb on a couple of frames just like your first picture. I wonder why they do that...


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