Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elaeagnus Ripening

The autumn olive berries are starting to turn red.   It'll be a bumper crop year and the birds are already stripping some of the trees, which I totally don't get because those things are seriously puckery.   I wait until they turn red and start getting soft before I harvest.  

I'm trying to decide what to make with them this year.   More jam for sure, but maybe a mixed jam, too?   Elaeagnus strawberry?   1 part elaeagnus to 3 parts strawberry....  or peach?   Or blueberry?   Or elderberry?    Hmmmmm.


  1. Man, I have to try these. I may have to go foraging in the woods somewhere. What is their habitat? Good morning, btw!

    1. Good Morning! You do have to try these. They're like cranberries on a tree. Sort of. We have LOADS - they like open waste lands which is why they're taking over. We have the thornless kind and you are welcome to come here to get some. I'll let you know when they're ripe!


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